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Visit Visa/Tourist Visa/Family Visit Visa

A visit visa allows you to come to the UK for up to six months for a holiday or to see friends and family.

Anyone from a visa national country wishing to enter the UK for a visit must apply for a visa or entry clearance before travelling. Non-visa nationals are not required to apply for a visitor visa before entering the UK and are able to apply at port for a leave to enter the UK as a visitor.

The requirements for a visitor visa are:  

  • You are entering the UK as a tourist;

  • You intend to stay in the UK for 6 months or less;

  • You do not intend to work or engage in business or produce goods in the UK, or sell your goods or services;

  • You do not intend to study in the UK;

  • You will be able to support and accomodate yourself and dependants during your stay in the UK with money available to you without recourse to public funds;

  • You can meet the cost of your return or onward journey;

  • You are over 18;

  • You do not intend to marry in the UK;

If you are a regular visitor to the UK (eg to see family) then you may be able to apply for a visitors visa which is valid for up to 10 years for multiple entries. This still means that you can only remain in the UK for up to six months at a time but you would not have to apply for a new visa before each visit during the time your visa is valid.

The cost of applying for a visit visa is currently £76 for a single visit. Multiple entry visit visas attract higher fees depending on their validity.

If your visa is refused you will have no right to appeal against the decision unless the purpose of your visit was to come and see family in the UK. The only way to challenge the decision to refuse your visit visa if you are not visiting family is to re-apply addressing the points in the refusal letter. We would strongly recommend that you seek legal advice before re-applying.

If you are a family visitor then you can appeal to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber if your visa is refused. The Government have restricted the rights of appeal for some family visitors and they intend to remove rights of appeal for family visitors altogether in 2014. For advice about an appeal, including your rights of apeal and to instruct Immigration Advice Centre Ltd to represent you please click here.

If you require further assistance with a UK Visitor Visa application or appeal please contact us on 01642 219222 or email us at Telephone advice is charged at £15 per call and email advice is charged at £15 per email. Visit our email/telephone advice page for more information.

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